About us


TODAY MANY AIRPORTS are unfortunately inadequately prepared to operate in snow and other extreme winter conditions due to limited training capabilities. This can result in accidents, chaos, increased costs, and in worse case temporarily closed down operations. The Winter OPS Conference aims to increase the safety and efficiency of the world´s airports by offering hands-on training in a capacity free environment! Our vision is to reduce accidents on the ground by 50%.

The Winter Ops Conference is made up of three pillars:ConferenceInstitute and Forum (CIF). The Institute is where hands on training in real conditions all year round can take place. The conference gives customers, manufacturers, and others in the industry a chance to get together in order to attend lectures, take part in discussions, look at and try out new products, and identify common challenges. Our forum is the permanent network through which we hold a continuous dialogue and work for the joint development of standards and regulations.


The Winter Ops Conference is located at Lycksele Airport in northen Sweden. In this part of the world, winter and snow arrive early and last a long time. This, together with its excellent facilities, makes the airport the perfect training site.

Our partner hotel is Hotel Lappland in Lycksele. Besides providing a first-class location for the conference, Hotel Lappland also offers spa facilities and a vast palette of activities in a beautiful mountainous landscape.