Next conference date, 15th mars - 18th mars 2016

At this semiannual conference for airport professionals regulators are briefing on new and upcoming revisions, manufacturers show-case their products, lectures are held as well as round-table discussions in which  common challenges can be identified. There are also great opportunities for making new and important contacts. 

johanglantz Johan Glantz
 Technical Affairs Director at The European Cockpit Association (ECA)
 The European Cockpit Association (ECA) was created in 1991 and is the  representative body of European pilots at European Union (EU) level. It  represents over 38,000 European pilots from the National Pilot  Associations in 37 European states. 
 Johan Glantz is responsible for: 
 ECA Air Trafic Management & Aerodromes (ATMA WG)
ECA Helicopter Working Group (HEL WG)
IFALPA Committees ATS; AGE & HEL
SESAR, Industry Consultation Body
EUROCONTROL (incl. Provisional Council, Agency Advisory Board)
Johan Glantz is also Training Captain flying B737NG for SAS Scandinavian Airlines

PhotoMartinSchilt15 Martin Schilt
 Martin Schilt holds an engineering diploma from the Swiss Frederal  Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zurich and a Bachelor in Visual  Communications from Basel School of Design. He has a backround in  transportation engineering and has worked is Switzerland, Lebanon,  Kenya and USA. Martin Joined FOCA in 2009, where he is audit team  leader for aerodromes. He is project manager for the implementation  of EASA aerodromes regulation in Switzerland and Swiss member of  the EASA Thermatic Advisory Group Aerodromes. In his free time, he enjoys glacier flying.

Jonny_flygplan50 Jonny Johansson 
 Luleå University of Technology holds with 18000 students  and 1600 staff a vast range of research and education. This  presentation highlights selected areas that can be of interest  for the furure development of airport winter operations.  Examples are sensor networks, automotive systems testing  in cold climate, none-contact measurement of road surface properties and operation and maintenance engineering.

Dr. Stephanie mindre Dr. Stephanie Hochreuther 
 Dr. Stephanie Hochreuther is born in Gunzenhausen, Germany and  studied Chemistry at the Friedrich-Alexander University of Erlangen-  Nuremberg in Germany. During her PhD study in Inorganic Chemistry,  Stephanie worked on the synthesis and reactivity of dinuclear Pt  complexes. After her PhD, she joined Clariant end of 2012. Stephanie is  working as Technical Application Manager in the Aviation segment at  Clariant´s Business Unit ICS with mail focus on Research &  Development and technical customer requests.

Kadlec_portrait30 Jan Kadlec 
 Jan Kadlec is Head of Airlield Operations at Prague Airport. He joined  the airport in 1991 from the Czech Technical University as a Duty  Manager. Prior to his current position, he has also held the positions of  Airport Engineer and Head of Operations Strategy and Development.  He is currently responsible for Airfield Operations Management, Airfield  Maintenance Management, Bird and Wildlife Hazard Management,  Grass Management, Veterinary Station Procedures, etc. He is a  member of "Local Runway Safety Team", "Apron Safety Team", "Airport Capacity Team", "Pavement Management Board", "Collaborative Environmental Management Board" at Prague Airport. He is also a member of Airport Operations Team (AOT) in EUROCONTROL. He is experienced in SMS, APT-ACE, APT-CDM, A-SMGCS, CDA, etc.

thomas rundmindreThomas Toftevåg
Head Of Oslo Aorport´s Airfield Maintenance Section
Thomas will talk about:
Improvments of WinterOPS-procedures at OSL Airport based on analysis of the conditions preceding the closure of OSL on March 26 2015