Winter Ops Reference


"As usual, you have surpassed yourselves with an excellent and well-structured conference. I did indeed make lots of new contacts.

In terms of feedback, the conference was not good at all…. It was great!
I particularly enjoyed the presentations from Munich around the ICAO developments, Denver around how they deal with things, and NASA around the history of friction. Bearing that in mind, perhaps that could be a regular thing; an update from regulators (ICAO/EASA/CAA/FAA etc), a presentation from a ‘guest’ airport on how they run and what they do, and anything else that helps people build a good picture around friction measurement, winter ops and general airfield management!

I hope to be a part of future conferences”

Mark Sandford – Duty Manager Airside – Heathrow Airport

"I would like to express our thanks to you and to your troops in preparing and executing the winter ops conference in Lycksele.

It was very well organized and prepared. All your staff has been very motivated and involved. This fact led to a familiary feeling for your guests. Entertainment, accomodation and food was outstanding. In short terms: "We felt at home".

The displays and briefings were interesting and alot of new contacts have been made. All in all it was a great success. Congratulations for this outstanding achievement.

Looking forward to meet you again soon.”

Michael Vehoff – Geschäftsführer - Adolf Würth Airport

"I really enjoyed the Conference. It was the first time for me and was unforgettable. The biggest added value for me was networking. I've made some very good contacts and had great talks and this will help me in future.
Also the presentations on the first day were prepared very good and I’ve learned some new things and I’ve got new information.

Thank you for everything and I hope to meet you again soon.”

Matej Fajfar – Project Manager – Aerodrom Ljubljana

"Thank you again for organising this great conference.

It was pleasure to be part of it. I really enjoyed quality of speakers and presentations. There was good balance between operations professionals and manufacturers. Oportunity to see the equipment in use was great as well.
In fact, there are no complains I can think of. I can only hope, that I’ll have an oportunity to visit this conference again.

Hope you’re well and I wish you best luck with organisation of next year WinterOps."

Jakub Hanzlik – Aerodromes Section Inspector - CAA of Czech Republic

"Thank You for inviting us. I really liked that the airport, conference and training area were that close. It makes a whole lot of difference. I think that the crowd was big enough to get one on one and to get the hands on demo of products. What I liked the most was the last two presentations. For me those were the most informative and useful

Thank You again for the great conference and I’m looking forward to the next one.”

Raiki Bulak – Airfield Maintenance Supervisor – Estonian Air Force

                                                                                                                                                                                     "As I mentioned earlier, it was a very fruitful conference and I have learned so many things since I am relatively new to the aviation sector.

The conference was a success with its content. It was very interesting blending the culture and the heritage with the conference; the food, the sami and the music.
Thank you for the attachment with all participants and their emails, 

For me the conference was a great success, and looking forward to participate in future gatherings.”

Muneer Shawareb - Organization & Proceedures Section Head – Airport International Group Jordan

"Thanks a lot for organizing a wonderful conference in Lycksele! I really enjoyed these three days and had the opportunity to meet many colleagues from surrounding airports, a great networking opportunity thus.
Best regards and see you next year on the snow mobiles (or earlier perhaps),”

Korijn Defever – Airside Project Manager – Brussels Airport

"Thanks for a fantastic organisation of this years’ conference and for the attached excel-sheet containing all the contact-data.
All in all the conference was - as last year – a highlight in making contacts and gaining further information on Winter-Ops. Especially regarding the opportunity to learn about: "what are other airports doing and what am I able to learn out of it”.

All the best and kind regards,”

Christian Schultz – General Manager Operations – Hamburg Airport

"Great to meet you, Firstly thanks for your hospitality it was excellent. You have some great people working for your organisation.
I especially enjoyed the presentations from other airports and from the SAS pilot. It is good to hear of the issues these guys face , especially how they resolve them. Met some great people and made new contact’s which is always important in our industry.   

Once again thanks for opportunity to meet you and your company and spend a fabulous four days in Lycksele with you all. Look forward to working with you in the future.”

Glenn Lindup – Airfield Duty Manager – Gatwick Airport